Performance Lab

Performance Lab is a series of events in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It is facilitated by Clara J:son Borg and amy pickles, and supported by funding from Gemeente Rotterdam. We are also grateful to a number of hosts in the city including WORM Rotterdam, Dokhuis & WET Film, who give their spaces for workshops. Between September and December 2019, three invited artists shared aspects of their performance practice in educational workshops.

In 2024 the programme will consist of two workshops and public presentations, one with artist and educator Samah Hijawi and another with artist Josefin Arnell,

This website presents debris from past workshops, as records of the events and as tools we hope an extended audience can use. It is a site comprised of reflections, advice and techniques for working with people, working with your body and your voice.

Click on the names of each artist and you will be taken to an account from them, a workshop participant and amy and Clara as facilitators.